counting calories at metro diner

if you, like me, are a fan of diners, metro diner needs to be added to your list. since leaving the north, i haven’t found a truly standout diner that’s worth repeat visits. but this place does.

i first ate here the day i filed the application paperwork for my current apartment, finally making me a resident of st. pete. the fried chicken sandwich screamed my name, and it did not disappoint. it was huge, crispy, piping hot, and not at all greasy.

so when metro’s name came up when i sought recommendations from a group of local food fanatics, i knew i had to take my family here.


metro has the appearance of a nondescript, everyday diner, though it’s anything but. lots of interesting things on the menu (think: a traditional benedict but with fresh avocado and a spicy fried chicken and honey biscuit sandwich). i ordered the poached eggs with corned beef hash; you can really tell that the hash is fresh made, not canned, from the quality, flavor, and texture of the meat. and it’s made with red potatoes rather than idaho, which is really the way all hashes should be. admittedly, it could have used some extra time on the griddle, but that’s more a personal preference than an issue on quality; i enjoy a little crispiness with my corned-beef hash.

i confess, i did have to steal a bite of my niece’s cinnamon roll pancakes, which were the size of my head. these can only be described as the blessed love child of a cinnabon roll and a buttermilk pancake. (pro tip: it comes as a plate of two giant pancakes, but if you’re not too famished, you can order a single pancake with the cinnamon roll treatment and they’re more than happy to accommodate.) the cinnamon-infused butter was not lacking in quantity and it drenched the pancakes in the most glorious way.

38708070_10100829929227434_4856714194721964032_nservice was speedy and friendly, and the prices very moderate. to boot, this place is a chain (which i did not realize), though you’d never guess it from the food quality; it truly gave the impression it was a stand-alone spot.
my only grievance is that they put the calorie count on the menu, which i confess, deterred me from getting the chicken and waffles i’d been craving.

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