spice up your night

i don’t always eat out. in fact, more often than not, i prefer to eat at home. this meal was a quick and simple way to make use of some fresh ingredients. namely, the habanero peppers my stepmom started growing in her garden. these flavorful veggies are full of fire. (especially because i refuse to de-vein or -seed them, because what’s the fun in that?)

such a simple meal. throw some rice into a rice cooker (or, i guess, a pot of boiling water if you’re a showoff and want to prove you can make rice without it sticking to the pot or burning) with whatever random seasoning you like. i usually opt for salt, pepper, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes or cayenne. (because i like to torture myself.)

liberally coat a pan with olive oil, and throw in the broccoli, sliced peppers, and chicken tenderloin strips (seasoned simply with just a pinch of salt and pepper). i like to start with the heat up medium-high, just to get a nice sear on the chicken. (the flavor is in the sear, my friends!) and then pop down to medium-low. low and slow is the way to go; it helps bring out all the flavor of the veggies without drying anything out, so you’re left with tender, slightly crisp bites.

be sure to have a tissue or two handy. the spice will hit you, and it will hit you hard, so even if you’re a seasoned spicy aficionado, you’ll be eager to blow your nose and wipe the sweat from your forehead.

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